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Andrew Platts and Dominic Moffat

Andrew Platts

Trained as an apprentice in the manufacture of airframes, continuing to develop his knowledge over the years in micro electronic design, process control engineer and IT infrastructure to become a Programme Manager working in finance, insurance and the health industry.

With a keen interest, understanding and fascination in mechanics, electronics, engineering and design whilst also being active in a diverse range of sports, such as; kayaking, sailing, hiking and cycling, this has driven the interest in product design for StingRay with its multiple applications.


Dominic Moffat

Began his career studying Applied Biochemistry with an urge to satisfy a fascination with the mechanics and chemistry of life. A short spell in wound care therapeutics research led to Dominic making a leap into education with a view to inspiring younger generations to discover in all areas of science.

With five years in education still something was missing; a way to collect, store and analyse data simply and intuitively. Combining the knowledge of science with newly discovered skills in electronics, maths and design to provide ways for students to track data for any application, in all disciplines. This culminated in the start of the StingRay project, the most extensive data acquisition system in the smallest footprint.

It’s not about the Internet of Everything for me, it’s about the Discovery of Everything.


Our special thanks

During our StingRay journey we have employed the help of others, and we are extremely grateful to all of them; all enthusiasts and experts in their individual fields. Some were already friends, or have become friends but all professionals and visionaries.

Thank you to all:

Hope Fitzgerald - Hope Photography
Callum Whitehead - Graphics