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25 May 2016

We have to be honest we did think by this point in May 2016 our campaign would be live on Kickstarter. But all good things need a little extra time, more patience and indeed perseverance. We all know it, how many times in life have you wished time would just travel quicker so the date you are looking forward to arrives that much sooner.

We are currently filming StingRay's capabilities and their translation onto an app to further support our Kickstarter campaign. These precious gems of detail take time, and we are feeling very optimistic the wait will be worth it.

Honestly if we think about it all too much we can't sleep with excitement, our heads churn with all the possibilities and we feel totally wired. Therefore we are taking the calm approach 'Life is a journey ( deep breath) and all will be revealed in good time.'

But seriously, hang in there with us, we are looking forward to June very much.

The mYmotion team