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13 Jan 2017
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Last year in May we were absolutely convinced StingRay would be live on Kickstarter.

The initial review of our project with Kickstarter highlighted a few areas that needed better supporting evidence. And we ourselves appreciated perhaps we were trying to be over ambitious with our project.

We knew the StingRay device was clever and capable of incredible data capturing but maybe our target to get it cased in wearable silicone and launched in May 2016 was just adding more time, and we really wanted to launch our project.

A careful think and decision to really focus on the development of the technology, its possible applications, which will only be limited by others imagination. And the hope that perhaps with enough crowdfunding the opportunity to develop the wearable casing will come later.

We then focussed on creating a supporting StingRay app that can be used to capture the StingRay data, which can be analysed, monitored and saved.

It was with great excitement in November 2016 the app was submitted and approved by Apple. We have an app in App Store, quite something to write in your Christmas cards!

On December 18th we submitted the StingRay revised project to Kickstarter and went on holiday (to a place with little WiFi!). Upon landing at Gatwick phones were switched on and we were (if we are totally honest) expecting an email to say our project required a little more work but instead we received a project thumbs up.

Roll on 2017.

We have let the initial part of January pass, and with it some of the January apathy and people's reluctance to return to work.
But on Sunday 22 January we are absolutely delighted to announce we are going to launch our StingRay project on Kickstarter.

What do we want?

We are looking for £15,000 to enable us to further develop our device and make it even smaller. We would also like to research and develop our idea to have a silicone casing around the StingRay device so it can be worn on the body and look fabulous.