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25 Jan 2017
StingRay device

Over two years in the creation, development, design, thought and making and now 25 days to go on Kickstarter to reach the goal, £15,000.

This feels like total madness. Every night we converge, talk, discuss, think and plan.How do we reach our potential audience, how do we share our passion and our hopes for StingRay.

You have not failed if you never take a chance, I know that. You have never lived unless you challenge everything around you, I believe that. Hope is always greater than fear, I acknowledge I live in hope of what the future may hold but also enjoy the present.

Most of all we all (the mYmotion team) totally believe in StingRay, its applications, its potential and we would love it to succeed at this point to support our aspirations, be able to show its full potential and offer us a little reassurance that the time and energy that has been invested enabled it to achieve a goal at the end.

Please keep watching the project and sharing it, help to make StingRay's success a reality that we have all been part of.

Thank you.