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StingRay is supported and accompanied by a free App enabling its control management and collection of data live or download from its memory. The App provides StingRay’s health stats: battery life, memory capacity, mode, location and calibration controls. From the App you can control as many StingRay’s as your iOS or Android device will allow over Bluetooth® Low Energy, in the case of an Apple iPhone 6 ten simultaneous device connections are allowed.

       App is available to download in the App Store for iPhones.

The App is built with a ‘framework’ principle.

What does this mean? Our idea is to deliver an open application platform through which StingRay can be managed; this is what we call the framework. Into the framework you will be able to add multiple plugins. Each plugin will use simple or complex learning algorithms (the maths) to analyse and present data from StingRay in an easy to read view.

The availability of plugins will grow overtime but we also recognise that many developers will want to create their own from the advanced data capture capability from the technology developed within StingRay.

During the development of StingRay we have recognised and acknowledge we have created a small adaptable technology platform with a multitude of applications, capabilities and possibilities that we have only just begun to explore. For this reason we will through license, permit the purchase and use of our technology into specialist areas that you may wish to develop.